2回コース Strategic Presentation Creation

How to make professional presentation materials that inspires audience




<What to Expect>

This workshop has been held since 2010 for over 15 times and has gathered more than 150 participants in the past.

This workshop will provide participants with ready-to-use skills that are practical and are based on the actual reality of a strategy consultant, which is something that employee training in companies fail to provide.

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This course has been featured by Eventista as a popular course.
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Many experienced business men today have the ideas and the strong passion, but what they lack severely in most cases is the fundamental business skill of conveying their opinions to others. The improvement of this skill is what will enable individuals to develop their careers and companies to promote further growth. This is how this course came to be.

Most courses will make you feel satisfied with just taking the course itself. However, this particular workshop is unique in that it doesn’t end with just taking the course. It is designed to be able to make use of what you’ve learnt instantly and continuously at work by providing you with:
1. 100-page detailed handbook on consulting material-making
2. 150-page lecture notes for reviewing
3. 50 presentation slide templates that you can use instantly

This 2-day workshop (12 hrs.) is a total of 25,000 yen, which amounts to ONLY 2,000 yen per hour in total.

◆ Ever had trouble with any of the problems below?
- Working overtime because you take so much time on making and analyzing the simplest of documents
- Being asked to repeat or re-explain what you’ve said or written because it is hard to understand
- Having the guts and the spirit, but feeling that having just those is not enough

The reason behind all of these issues is the lack of skills which just can’t be covered up with just experience.

◆ What are the skills that you lack?
Logical thinking skills
Information gathering skills
Analyzing skills
PC skills
→All of the above are skills that many have covered up as a matter of individuality.

This workshop will enable you to neatly and comprehensively obtain these skills by actually putting into action these series of operations leading up to the final presentation.

<The points of this course>
1. Enables you to make quick and simple material in a matter of two days.
2. Enables you to learn practically in a seminar format (Questions are more than welcome)
3. Provides you with a 100-page handbook on material-making that you can use for a lifetime
4. Enables you to learn the business know-how from a former foreign consultant instructor.

Note: Videos will be available for you to watch if you are not able to fully participate.






¥38,000(¥19,000 × 2 回)




努力系 元外資戦略コンサル 資料作成のプロ

松上 純一郎

同志社大学文学部、神戸大学大学院、University of East Anglia修士課程を修了。

米国戦略コンサルティングファームMonitor Groupに入社し、外資系製薬企業のマーケティング戦略や営業戦略、途上国政府の依頼によるツアリズムのマーケティング戦略、国内企業の海外市場進出戦略やパートナーシップ戦略策定にも参画。






  • 第1回 DAY 1 Introduction / Logical Thinking

    Day 1 10:00~17:00 (1 hour lunch break included)


    Importance of basic business skill
    How to customize your Power Point
    How to utilize master function
    Important short cut keys

    <Logical Thinking>

    Importance of logical thinking in material preparation
    How to use MECE / logic tree
    Understand "Pyramid Structure"
    How to organize information

  • 第2回 DAY 2 Basic Material Making Skills

    Day 2 10:00~17:00 (1 hour lunch break included)

    <Basic Material Making Skills 1>

    How to create story line that inspire audience
    How to make convincing messages
    Visualization of presentation slides
    How to make tables

    <Basic Material Making Skills 2>

    How to select charts
    How to express your message in charts
    Important tips in using Power Points

  • こんな方を対象としています

    Professional workers who have troubles with making presentation materials
  • 受講料の説明

    Material-making manual costs JPY 1,000.
  • 受講する際は以下をお読み下さい

    Please bring laptop PC