Shake The Dice and Break The Ice!

実践的英語勉強法:Icebreaking Coaching 振ったサイコロのお題を使い一段上の表現方法を学べます。



Background: For the Japanese Corporation, the most confusing thing about Business Development in the USA is that a high TOEIC Score is no guarantee for success. There are legends galore about companies dispatching high TOEIC Scorers to America only to be forced to engage the services of trading companies or other experts at remarkably high cost. Lack of appreciation of culture and lack of ability to adjust to known differences in culture are among the more complex reasons. Lack of ability to ice-break is perhaps the most basic.
The ability to succeed in establishing new and high quality human relationships is fundamental to business success. The relative isolation of Japan throughout history has produced a Galapagos Effect which makes it difficult for even the most advanced TOEIC scorers to capture the hearts as well as capture the heads of business prospects.
In this training, the traditional Japanese "Saikoro" is used in an "American Fashion". J. Nicholas Papatones provides the guidance to empower Japanese to "shake the dice and break the ice". The next step is business success. Sign up now.


This training is designed:
• to enable Japanese to ice-break with Americans "off the mark"!
• to negate the Galapagos Effect as it prevents effective business networking for Japanese seeking new business development!
• to make learning and using English Adages, Expressions, and Proverbs FUN in Ice-breaking!
• to create greater awareness of American’s Business, Political and Culture as a foundation to "capture the heart" of business prospects!
• to use the most interactive method(s) possible for English Skill Up Training in Ice-breaking!
There will be small group discussions where you can share your experiences!!



Papatones James


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  • 当日の流れとタイムスケジュール

    1. Welcome remarks by J. Nicholas Papatones: Modeling of Each of "6 Ice-breaks
    from Shake of the Dice": 20 minutes
    2. Trainer introduction of "Capture the Heart" words, adages, phrases: 30 minutes
    3. Successive Ice-breaks by participants following "Shake of the Dice": 30 minutes
    4. Critique and Feedback of Successive Ice-breaks: 30 minutes
    5. Repeat and Remodelling of Ice-breaks by Participants/Small Group Discussion and Feedback: 30 minutes
    6.. Q/A + Review and Suggestions for Further Study: 10 minutes
  • こんな方を対象としています

    1. Do you want to ice-break “Western Style” but find yourself either afraid or lacking confidence?
    2. Are a Career Track Professional, a Division Head, President, a CEO?
    3. Are you a Support Staff for a Career Track Professional, Division Head, President, or CEO?
    4. Do you someday hope to work in the United States?
    5. Do you need to get more connections as potential business development within in a cross-cultural workplace?
    6. Do you sometimes have multi-cultural misunderstandings that are stressful?l
    7. Are people at your workplace NOT getting along with each other?
    8. Have you attended one or more training programs and not learned the skills you had hoped to master?
    9. Do yo find yourself traveling either on business or for pleasure and not striking up satisfactory and lasting human relationships?
    10 .If you can answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, then this Seminar is for you!!
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