Friday Club 様々なテーマを英語で議論・14年以上の実績

仕事帰りに夕食をとりながら気軽に英語でディスカッションが出来るクラブです。 英語のスキルにかかわらず、自分の意見が言えるようになります。



Friday Club Presentation, Networking and Discussion Forum is Tokyo’s Most Interactive Forum,. Friday CLub Forum 164 (#2),is brought due to the overwhelming success of our May 27th 164th Forum. (see link)!

It will be the final one before our Summer Break. From June 15 our Sunny Summer Sunday Brunch Presentation Forum takes over!
Donald Trump is now the Official Republican Candidate for the USA Presidency. He emerged a surprising winner as a first timer, in a field of 17 Republicans!. His marketing and branding strategy and his presentation style were unique. They eliminated all contenders, including such Establishment Candidates as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio! Now, he is focusing on the race against Hillary Clinton! How can we expect this unique presentation and branding style to continue? How has it changed the landscape of America in its process to elect the President? Can he win?

Our Terrace overlooks the Shibaura Seaside, Odaiba, the Canal Waterways, and Tennozu Isle! No other organisation combines great food, adrenaline boost, interactive communication, cutting edge presentation, stimulation, relaxation, gourmet food, drink, and fun the way that the Friday Club does..The Friday Club was founded on the 1-year anniversary of 9/11. It has met 164 times- From the Tokyo American Club to swanky Italian restaurants in Minato-ku-from the Shibaura House to a 23rd floor penthouse type surrounding! You are always stimulated! No wading through crowds of raised hands trying to meet the Presenter. Never a disappointment that you never had a chance to talk or to ask a question!! No struggling not to fall asleep!.You have every chance to network, to meet new people, to sit back if you want, to engage in active discussion if you wish. Ages range from 20 on up!! There is no dress code. But do not be afraid to wear your best threads! Sort it all out here-at Tokyo's Most Interactive Forum-Friday Club 164 (#2) !!



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  • 当日の流れとタイムスケジュール

    I. 12"-15": + 5” APC = (Audience Participation and Chat_
    2. 12"-15": + 5“ APC
    Break to Gather Food and Drink: 5"
    3. 12"-15" while enjoying food and drink+ 5” APC
    4. 12"-15" + 5” APC
    5. Debate and Discussion of Issues: (Possible 3rd Round of Interactive Presentation time allowing)

    TOTAL TIME: 120 Minutes
    This Manifest is an approximate projection. KK World Without Borders reserves the right to alter content and time projections to best serve the needs of
    the trainee group.

    *** Trainer Discretion: There may be further video illustration, modelling, and feedback of selected issues in TRAINING MANIFEST above. Further issues may also be included at KK World Without Borders' discretion.

  • こんな方を対象としています

    The Friday Club is a private group connected to KK World Without Borders. We are time-tested for this is our 158th Forum, since the One-Year Anniversary of “9/11” We are upwardly mobile successful and global. We range from young professionals to CEO’s of major corporations and institutions in Tokyo and beyond.We require the highest quality of venue and forum for business and social events.
    The Friday Club is held in upscale venues ranging from the Tokyo American Club to The Hotel Okura to the Shibaura House to our penthouse style Shibaura Mansion on the top floor of a Shibaura-4 location with a water view of Odaiba and the Tokyo Bayside. Our Events and are membership are the most interactive in Tokyo. Other Forums draw those who are good saying *what happens”. Friday Clubbers *make things happen”. Not only in Tokyo but beyond!! Friday Clubbers are drawn to, and in turn, attract, the highest quality in travel, networking, business connections, and leisure.
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