NEWS OF THE WEEK 最新の英語を最新のニュースから

Video News of the Week: For Your Skill Up - there is no substitute!!



Video News (in conjunction with Video Movie and Video Music) is the Number #1 method for improving Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, Cross-culture, Focus, Pronunciation, Quick Response, Assertive Communication, Motivational and Inspiratonal Skills!! Japan is in the midst of revolutionary change! And Video News
is the best reflection of this change!!

American Entrepreneur/CEO/Lawyer/Trainer J. Nicholas Papatones offers cutting edge content from CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, and NHK which are just some of the choices presented in a patented “Skill Up” Format! Have Fun
while you Skill Up! Jump ahead of the competition by attending this once per week Wednesday night Seminar. This is your starting point to globalization. It is also your key to active participation in other company events presented by trainer’s company, KK World Without Borders, such as Tokyo’s Most Interactive Speaker’s Forum, The Friday Club Presentation, Discussion and Networking Forum. News you thought was too difficult for you to grasp will become easy. You will have icebreakers to develop new business and social connections that you never imagined. You will amaze your present business and social connections with your ability to understand, focus, communicate, and inspire cutting edge business, political and cultural topics as a result of attending
this training. Once is not enough. Continuation is necessary to benefit from this process-and benefit you most certainly will!!
Purely Business benefits from continual participation in this training will be:
1. Succeed in discussion – learn how to persuade managers and head office staff to understand and better match Japan's business culture and market!
2. Show a proactive attitude that gets you listened to, respected, hired and promoted!
3. Motivate your colleagues, bosses and staff to embrace change!
4. Network with other Japanese Corporate and Gaishikei employees and managers, including HR, marketing, IT, sales and R&D specialists!
5. Improve intercultural communication skills.
Hop on the train!! REGISTER FOR VIDEO NEWS OF THE WEEK! Click on the hyperlink below to see why, in the video words of one who has experienced the thrill of the training. Then register to guarantee your seat in this continuing program!!

I am looking forward to seeing YOU at this training!!




  • 開催予定


    受講料:¥ 4,000

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  • 当日の流れとタイムスケジュール

    7:15 PM Doors Open:
    7:30 PM Participants Introduction
    Focus on Pre-Viewing Discussion Questions
    Focus on Training Aids for Supplemental Understanding (Maps, Visuals, etc.)
    Video News Viewing #1 for General Comprehension
    Q/A by Trainer
    Focused Viewings (2-3) of Selected Segment for Comprehension Exercises as in Training Plan
    Team Tasks as assigned by Trainer
    Focus upon Adages, Platitudes and Expressions
    Focus Upon Cross Culture
    Focus on Main Message and Relevance to Business/Politics/Culture Today
    Focus on selected Pronunciation
    (Time Allowing): Limited Debate/Discussion of Focal Issue(s) presented
    Review and Wrap Up
    *****TRAINING MANIFEST may be modified as Trainer sees in the best interest of Training Session Participants given progress in training.
    8:40 PM Doors Close
  • こんな方を対象としています

    Are you a career track employer, manager, Division Head, CEO or President who understands a need to persuade managers and head office staff to understand and better match Japan's business culture and market to the changing demands of globalization?
    Are you a returnee or a company - employee in a Daishiki(外資系) or a Joint Venture or Japanese Company doing business with Foreign Companies that needs to be able to be yourself and to show a proactive attitude that is (1) listened to, (2) respected, (3) hired and (4) promoted?
    Are you interested in motivating your colleagues, bosses and staff to embrace change?
    Do you have a “Need to Network” with other Japanese Corporate and Gaishikei employees and managers, including HR, Marketing, IT, Sales and R&D Specialists
    5. Do you simply wish to improve Intercultural Communication Skills?
    If you can answer “YES” to just one of these questions, then you should enroll in this training!!
  • 受講料の説明

  • 受講する際は以下をお読み下さい

    This video training meets after work day on Tuesday Evenings! Bring a notebook computer or I-Phone for potential quick spot research or translation/dictionary purposes. If you read a daily English Language Newspaper, it would be helpful to bring that as well as a focal point for comparison between Video News Media News Development and Print Media focus of News. Above all bring your motivation, your energy, and your enthusiasm!!



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    初回のクラスだったので、導入のところでneeds analysisをしていただき、私の英語のバックグラウンドを確認いただいた後、WSJの1st sectionを渡されて、重要だと思うトピックスを7つ選択するように指示されました。7つ選んだ後、一番のトピックスは何か聞かれ、それについて深堀りをしていく形でした。最後はそのトピックスの関連映像を見て、その映像についての質問に答える形でした。新聞やニュース映像の内容についてのみならず、関連知識についてお話ししていただけるので、非常に勉強になりました。

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